A Single cloud ERP Solution connects your Whole Business

Optimize your business and work more efficiently with SAP Business ByDesign



Nowadays, efficient communication between different aspects of business is the main cause of its survival. SAP Business ByDesign is an innovative solution for your fast-growing business to be connected and optimized through a single cloud ERP solution. BYD, an end-to-end solution, will help you to get a real-time sight of the business situation through a moderate cost and low level of complexity. Moreover, all your business functions as Procurement, HR, Supply Chain Management, Finance & etc will be integrated and streamlined without any sophistication. Main Benefits Include:

  • A single end-to-end solution that streamlines your business process, data and transactions through single cloud
  • Immediate access to the system in any time and through any device
  • Leveraging your business with having full insights and analytics about company’s growth


Solution Features Include:

Customer Relationship Management

  • All customer requirements will be tracked
  • More efficient Lead generation methods
  • Automation of sales force completely
  • Better customer experience that will lead to customer satisfaction


  • Immediate access to the Financial condition and cash position
  • Visibility to the daily transaction
  • Easy access to reports
  • Facilitate managing accounts
  • Helps in creating business insights

Human Resources

  • Better on Boarding Experience
  • Time management for employees
  • Centralized Data
  • Simplified payroll process
  • Efficient team management experience


  • Suppliers information is centralized
  • Saving time and costs in deals and negotiations 
  • Efficient purchasing experience
  • No loss of data

Supply Chain Management

  • Help in matching customer’s demand with available resources
  • Supply network is streamlined
  • Flow of material easy-management


  • Multiple headquarters in different countries are connected on single cloud without loss in time