With SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

Boost Retail Performance & Enhance In-store Customer experience




Allow better retail operations with SAP Omnichannel POS by GK 

As your retail business grows, expectations change and operations becoming more and more complex, this demands to improve business process continues to increase as well. Get the best retail functionality and simplify all retail processes with GK’s advanced POS system. Use it to manage multi-store operations, track stock levels, and smartly sell, manage, report and grow.

Some Features of the Solution

Customer profiles

Get customer’s information stored in one place, so you can a get quick access to any data you want like customers address and contact data.

Customer groups

Assign customers to any categories so you can approach them with targeted promotions and discounts

Pricing and promotions

You can easily manage pricing and discounts by categorizing products, stores and customer groups

Returns and refunds

GK POS system makes it easy to handle all customer returns and refunds with a simple click

Gift Cards and vouchers

Allow customers to make purchases and buy their products using gift cards and vouchers

Loyalty Program

Encourage shoppers to return to your store and spend more by giving them free merchandise, rewards or coupons.


Choose the method of payment you wish to deal with your customers, you can accept cash, credit, debit, check, gift cards, etc…

Currency Conversion

Allow customers to pay for their purchases with any currency and have it easily converted to the desired currency.

Customer Purchase History

You can view all transaction performed by a single customer including purchase history, loyalty and bonus points balance.





Get a Seamless Integration with SAP Retail

GK Point-of-Sale can directly be integrated with SAP retail systems, the application leverages the value of in-memory technology as it is the first to be built on the SAP HANA platform.










ECS & GK Partnership


As part of our commitment to providing retailers and shoppers with the best value and the latest technological innovation, ECS has partnered with GK Software to allow maximum operational efficiency and deliver a rewarding customer experience. We have built a pool of highly-trained and skilled experts with GK POS who can understand your technical and functional requirements so you can get the greatest value out of your retail store.


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