Unmatched SAP Support Service

Get the right level of support for your SAP solutions

SAP Maintenance and Support

At ECS, we're committed to providing the best customer support experience possible, so you can keep your SAP system running at maximum performance. No matter how big your goals or how complex your issues are, we have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to help you achieve them. ECS has launched its Center of Excellence to provide SAP support services which enable customers to utilize their SAP investments with maximum productivity and highest return.


ECS Support ensures maximum return by:

·   Helping you avoid downtime and minimize business disruption 

·   Maintaining business continuity

·   Helping you get more and more out of your SAP investment

·   Enabling efficient IT operations to reduce total cost of ownership

·   Recommending business process improvement 


ECS Support Service Offering

ECS provides the following SAP Support features to all clients:

Gain access to a dedicated contact person from ECS Support

You will get assigned to one of a highly skilled ECS support consultants, backed by a team of functional and technical experts to ensure a quick resolution of any issue

·       Deal with support team who display a detailed understanding of your environments and operational needs.

·       Get support from highly skilled consultants who understand your operations from the business and technical side.

·       Prevent customer escalations from occurring and ensure the fastest possible resolution

24/7 Support availability with the fastest response time for business-critical issues

ECS support consultants make sure to provide an immediate response for any critical issue that might threaten the smoothness of business operations within maximum 30 minutes response time. 

·         Faster response time increases time to resolution.

·         Response from highly experienced consultants who can quickly analyze the issue and work directly for immediate resolution.

·         Faster response levels reduce system and human resource downtime.

·        Avoid downtime and reduce business disruption

Customization Fixes

Customizing your ERP system is often necessary when the core functionality doesn’t satisfy your business needs. But your software vendor’s standard support program doesn’t include support for the customizations that have become an integral part of your systems. ECS supports all your application code, including your mission-critical customizations — at no extra charge. Our engineers can resolve issues and develop fixes that directly address your customizations. ECS’ support for modified code means you can reallocate maintenance staff to revenue- or value-enhancing projects.

Configuration, Setup and Process Assistance

Organizations need to quickly and effectively adapt to constantly changing business practices. ECS support consultants with an average of 15 years of software and business process experience offer best practice and software configuration advice.

·         Fully understand the full range of options your software applications give you.

·         Gain knowledge from support engineers who have “been there, done that.”

Gain knowledge of best practices

Issue Resolution and Bug Fixes for Enterprise Applications

Operational Support ECS’s engineers provide support for the full range of build and deployment issues as well as configuration, security, infrastructure, platform, database and change management issues. In addition, ECS engineers provide operational best practices advice to keep your systems up and your operational costs down.

·         Keep your infrastructure running at peak performance.

·         Reduce downtime.

·         Optimize your operational costs.

·         Reduce issues with change management compliance.