Less risk. More security and compliance

Streamline internal audit with a trusted security and risk advisor for your SAP journey



SAP Audit and Health check

The implementation of a large, complex IT solution like SAP, can have a profound impact on your company’s existing risk and control environment. As business processes evolve, new risks may be introduced. ECS brings insight, experience, and services to help manage and mitigate these risks, offering you the right audit team to effectively provide control and compliance for managing business process and infrastructure, application security, data integrity, data protection, governance, and privacy.


Challenges companies are facing:

·   Major changes in automated business processes

·   A lack of adequate IT auditing resources

·   Control failures that are not identified in time

·   An IT audit department under pressure

·   Too much time spent on compliance and monitoring

Assuring the project is on track

Confirming the business case at various point throughout the project helps to ensure the project is delivering the needed business value

Minimizing risk       

For each phase of the SAP implementation (prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy) we create a predefined checklist to ensure that challenges can be passed, this ensures the project under control

Focus on deliverables

Our expert take a detailed look at your project’s key deliverables and give you concrete and tangible recommendations on identified areas of improvements

Our SAP Audit services include:

·         Audit of SAP Processes to understand current flow.

·         Mapping of Roles & Authorization

·         Audit of SAP configuration settings to determine correct mappings

·         Financial Compliance Audit Licenses & other Statutory Compliance Audit

·         Performance Audit to determine if ABAP codes and flows have been set properly to give ultimate performance

·         Audit of IT control systems such as Disaster Recovery, Data Back etc. to determine the required controls for a smooth working.








Segregation of duties and internal controls made simple

Segregation of duties (SOD) audit To reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorised transactions, no single individual should have control over initiating and completing business transactions. Identifying and mitigating key business processes and IT SOD risks should be considered critical to maintaining integrity of data within an organization.


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