Streamline and accelerate your purchase order Process

Managers can do their job faster and release purchase orders whenever and wherever they are with Mobile PO Approver








Solution for a better procurement processes


Mobile PO Approver keeps your business running at maximum productivity and efficiency 


Managers spend most of their times on the go attending meetings and accomplishing missions and they barely find time to get back to their office to perform the awaiting administrative tasks like managing purchase order requests. Mobile PO Approver App from ECS makes this process easy, by instantly notifying managers and supervisors about the pending purchase orders and allow them to review, approve and reject purchase orders via their mobile devices whenever and wherever they are.





Review purchase order summary

A summary of the PO can be reviewed directly from the mobile app to give the approver information about the order like quantities, prices, requester, etc...










Get Alerts and notifications for pending requests

The approver receives an alert on their mobile devices to notify them about the new and pending purchase order requests.









Collective release

The approver can select multiple purchase order requests and release or reject them with one touch.





Approver rejection reason

If the approver chooses to reject the request, they can mention a rejection reason which will be sent to the requester and enable them to take corrective action.







Compatibility with different mobile platform

Mobile PO Approver supports various mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows Mobile.










Real time synchronization with any back end system

Mobile PO Approver app is directly integrated in real-time with any enterprise system like Oracle, SAP, etc…





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