Bring a New Level Of Efficiency To Your Cement Plant

Streamline the complex transportation logistics and gain an efficient and easy flow of materials without errors


Solution for the cement industry: Simplify all dispatching and logistics operations

Every day, an enormous number of materials and products flow inside and outside of your warehouses. Managing this movement and controlling its associated costs is a daunting task that requires a strict system. Mobile Inventory Manger is an application developed to simplify warehouse’s operation and minimize its challenges. This application ensures the accuracy of inventory data, improves visibility and management of materials across your organization. Furthermore, Stockroom workers can utilize this application to track materials from their receipt, issue, transfer, return and more

What Can Cemark Offer?

Accurate and easy-to-use weighing operations

Effective sales transaction method using prepaid Coupons

Seamless integration with SAP ERP system

Easy customization to any weighbridge type

Helpful printouts such as (Truck Check-In, Loading Start, Loading End and Shipment Completion)

Better management of lost, damaged or returned products

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