A Message from Chairman

“We have been striving relentlessly to achieve our mission of powering growth, that’s why we’re here – staying ahead of competition for the past years and that’s how we will remain ahead for years to come”

“We live in an exciting time when nothing is more constant than change, a time when we can’t guarantee a long term success unless we view change as an opportunity and work together to manage it. Successful market leaders realize how time is scarce, and that there is no time to rest. We have to run fast and be fearless of change. Our role in ECS is to be there, powering you with new ideas, innovation, and expertise that will help you manage change and win the battle against time. We are really delighted with where we have reached so far and proud of the founding objectives ECS was built on. We promise that we will continue exploring and expanding our leadership position throughout the MENA Region, so we can give the power to more and more businesses and fulfill our mission of Powering Growth.”

In closing, I want to show my gratitude to our customers, employees, partners and all those who supported our ongoing success.

Sincerely yours,
Amr Saad
Chairman of the Board